STD (save-the-dates.. duh!) 101


What better way to ask your potential wedding guests to save the date and not book another event for your wedding date than to send them something pretty for their refrigerator to remind them of your upcoming nuptial date? That’s what lots of brides are thinking as more and more of us send save-the-date magnets to our potential guests!

If you’re unfamiliar with save the dates (or STDs), here’s the low-down: they’re most important for destination and holiday weddings (when you’re inviting a lot of out-of-towners,) but lots of brides use them just because they like them. Who can blame them? Save the dates (especially magnets) are a darn cute idea! Most save the dates are sent out anytime between six months to a year prior to your wedding and give guests sufficient time to make travel arrangements. You should know that it’s only proper to send everyone who receives a save-the-date a formal invitation when the time comes. That said, you’ll want to be certain you’re sure about your guest list before sending out save-the-dates.

Save the dates are simple enough to do- all that you have to include is the couple’s names, the wedding date and the location. Including additional information, like the out-of-town hotel information or the nearest airports, is completely optional. For the saavy bride, it’s smart to include your wedding Web site on the save-the-date to get the address out there for guests to stay updated with wedding information and travel arrangements. 


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